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Holy Mary Business School or the HBS briefly is just one of the most remarkable and prime business colleges in south India including the region of Hyderabad. Our headquarter is in Ameerpet Hyderabad, India. With the remarkable premium of system, facilities, lecturers alongside affordable costs, we are very happy of being just one of the most preferred as well as respected business universities in India. The institute owns set up wifi system in its college that is openly accessed by the learners. If you are staying far from the institute, it is very fabulous for you that the academy has very big dormitories and hostels that are entirely equipped for your convenience. It has been evaluated 1st for its number 1 entrepreneurship Institute in India. It has a large range of network that links up many divisions in 70 nations all over the globe. Come over and see us to discover and go through the most reliable superior of education and learning. Browse through our online site for even more.Bschools in south India