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Materials Development at NAMCOL


Any instructional designer will tell you that the development of self-instructional materials with its accompanying challenges and successes is a dynamic process. In fact, the process of developing materials has a life and culture of its own. Materials development is a core function of NAMCOL and is carried out by the Programmes & Materials Development Division. Materials are not only written from scratch, but are revised annually and, where there is a need, the division will adapt existing materials to suit the needs of the specific target audience.

As an inexperienced instructional designer, who have currently joined the division, it is imprtant that you should know what instructional design is all about. Study the following objectives to get some idea what you can expect....

Icon objectives.jpg
At the end of this unit, you should be able to:
  • define instructional design
  • explain the purpose of instructional design
  • desribe the importance of your target audience in the design of self-instructional materials
  • apply instructional design techniques on a unit

Let's find out what you will learn in this unit.

What is in this unit?

This unit consists of four sections. They are:

  1. What is instructional design?
  2. The purpose of instructional design
  3. The role of the target audience in instructional design
  4. Instructional Design Tecniques

You may have noted that there is a similarity between the objectives and the sections. This is the first lesson in instructional design. Objectives and your sections are interrelated. Let's move on to the first section......