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About Somo Mnubi

I a librarian working with Tanzania Library Services Board at Children and School Services Division and also a trainer i train library users and SMEs computer and internet. I got my edication in diferent schools Ifakara, Babati, Kilmanjaro and Dar es salaam. Before i was work as Hotelier my position wa Pastry cook at New Africa Hotel now i enjoy being a librarian.


My hobbies

  • read novels i like to read different novels but my favorate author is Barbara Tylor (The woman of Substance) and Carol Mortimer (Mills and boons)
  • read news papers
  • exchange ideas with different people
  • travel to different countries and vilages in my country and music
  • i like dancing even traditional songs.


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moja, mbili, tatu,nne

external link

  1. Tanzania Library Services Board
  2. Tanzania Library Association