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Name and contact details

Solange Oa

  • Curriculum Officer
  • Mathematics Department

Address of Organisation

Flexible Open and Distance Education Headquarters
Private Mail Bag
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

My Community

I come from Rapa village in the Bereina District in the central province. My village is situated in an area where one can get protein from the sea and land easily. There's lots of food from gardens we make. However, our critical need is fresh water for drinking, cooking etc.


I am a mother of four children. My computer skills are very basic and have yet to develop this area. I like to achieve goals through making an effort myself other than being too dependent on others.I wish to be a qualified professional curriculum writer in the future.

My work

Flexible Open and Distance Education is the only organisation in Papua New Guinea that provides education through distance mode to Grade 7 - 10 students. It aims to provide for the students the best it can. It associates with Open College, PNGADE and other overseas distance education organisations and centres to help inservice its staff to achieve this goal.I as a curriculum officer write lessons in the Mathematics Department for these grades.

The Impact

This will have a big impact on the community in that people will be able to do researches etc. themselves should they have access to the network. Today computer is introduced to children even at home so it is good to share this knowledge with students who might come for assistance, teacher colleagues, other educators in different departments etc. or interested parents who might want to help their children.