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Simon is a conscientious expert in Food Science, Public Health and Kaizen with professional demonstrated experience in achieving the highest standards of excellence by competing in a challenging environment of a growth oriented organization.

Simon attained a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. Food science and technology) and a Master of Public Health. He is trained widely in the food industries across various industries since 2004. He is a certified ISO Lead auditor on Food safety, a certified kaizen coach from Kaizen institute and a lean Practitioner from Acuity Institute USA. To date he has run over 120 successful Kaizen Projects. Simon has wide experience in strategy formulation and deployment and in the organization restructuring using various Japanese methodologies. Mr. Nyairo has also been trained in capacity building at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem-Israel (2010). Currently he runs a consultancy firm Lean Kaizen Limited with clients across East Africa that consults across various industries within the region. He also lectures part-time at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology department of food science and technology. He has published on a number of journals on food safety and hygiene matters. In 2008, Maina was recognized when he led his organization to achieve first prize in the 4th annual KAM/KAIZEN event. He has published several food safety titles.

OTHER SKILLS (i) Able to use a variety of statistical software including SPSS, EPI-INFO, WINKS. Also able to use food ingredient determination software NutriCalc. (ii) Conversant with q-pulse software in handling and integrating quality management systems. (iii) Conversant with MindGenius in mind mapping. (iv) Ability to identify Muda (wastes) Mura (inconsistency) and Muri (strain) in systems within organizations thereby increasing the organizations efficiency and effectiveness by more than 50% initially. (v) Knowledgeable on DMAIC and 6σ. (vi) Excellent communication skills, tactful and quite diplomatic having acute awareness of people’s cultures and ethnic sensitivities. (vii) Able to carry out root cause analysis using various relevant tools in projects that include why-why analysis, mapping through cause and effect, Ishikawa diagram, Pareto and FMECA. (viii)Use of RAM Commander 7.61. Software for Root Cause Analysis (RCA).