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Sewing Practical for Women in Righunathpur

Result & Benefit:

There are three women involve with the sewing practice. They already get training from the organization and implementing a sewing center. Now they sewing and making dress. They are trying to sell the dress in the local market. The organization (SJOUK) help the beneficiaries to marketing their clothes.

Benefit: The beneficiaries jointly making the dress and sell it nearer market name Roushanbag. Their income is now .7-1 Euro per person/day. The demand of the dress is very high in the local market. The local people of Roghunathpur village is very happy to get dress from here. Because previous time they collect dress from District town (Near 7-8 k.m far).

Beneficiaries: 1. Sree Ranjita Rani 2. Sree Basona Rani 3. Sree Ranjana Rani


Sree Ranjita Rani: The Microaids projects help me to self relience. So I am very happy on the project. I also grateful on the organization (SJOUK).

Sree Basona Rani: Previous time nobody help us. But This project help me. Through this activities we

Sree Ranjana Rani: This activities help me to earn money which will be helpful for my livelihood. from the training, we learnt the theory and short practicing the sewing