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==The library prefects==

The operations of St. Joseph's Convent, P.O.S Library would not be possible without the help of the library prefect body. Forty students are selected each year after attending the sometimes rigorous, sometimes tedious, but always fun, Library Prefect Boot Camp during the July- August vacation. This one week camp builds on skills they have acquired during their year long Information literacy classes with me, and introduces them to the basics of customer service, technical services and library housekeeping and as well, fosters a spirit of service and community among our prefects. This year I plan to incorporate their parents into a Library Moms & Pops group which I hope will provide another resource body for the LMC. I envision Moms leading the the library book club, the Scribes, helping at the unending task of shelving, Pops painting, giving book talks... I hope for great things... </div>