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Teaching as a Passion

My Intentions That Never Was

When I finished my junior degree in 1990 (see for details)I intended to further my studies in the field of medicine and become a medical doctor. That never happened. Instead of furthering my studies in medicine, I joined teaching and I got hooked.

Reasons Why I Am Still A Teacher

  1. I have a passion to work with young minds who are still eager to learn something new in the field of natural sciences uniswa web site.
  2. It is excting to see my students grow in their secondary science education until they reach university.
  3. The experience is both
    • worthwhile
    • and rewarding to my students, and to me as well.

Annual salary

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Weekly wages

To Do List

  1. Create a sand box
  2. Write a paragraph
  3. Make some of the words
    • italic
    • bold
    • and write a heading
  4. Also use
    • nested bullets
    • and nunbers

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