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My father owns the world. I have nothing to fear.


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About Me


I obtained teaching qualifications at Early childhood, Teachers’ Grade Two, Bachelor and Master degree levels. I had taught at various levels of education sector before joining the National Teachers’ Institute (NTI), Kaduna in 1983. My work in NTI basically involves curriculum design, development and implementation. centre under a State coordinator. A zonal coordinator heads a number of field centres(not less than five) in a zone.National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) runs four different educational programmes for teachers at various levels of education apart from short refresher courses. The N.T.I headquarters at Kaduna provides self-instructional materials supplemented by face-to-face holiday/weekend contact sessions which take place at study centres. There is an N.T.I office in each State’s capital which serves as a field

Each of the four programmes has at least one study centre in a State while some have up to twelve study centers in some states.

Some heads of secondary/post secondary institutions and senior teachers serve as study centers supervisors/managers while their teachers serve as course tutors/facilitators on part time basis. Course tutors report to study centers supervisors who are responsible to the State coordinators.

The Headquarters in Kaduna designs , develops, produces, and distributes course materials to study centers. It  formulates policy guidelines for programme delivery and quality assurance . It also conducts  examinations and awards certificates .
I have served the NTI in various capacities :at the headquarters - Programmes Design and Development , Field Operations and Students Services as well as Examinations .Divisions. On the field ,I have served as State coordinator as well as zonal coordinator.
In addition , I attended a-three month Leadership Training Institute in Child Evangelism of Switzerland that enabled me to work as a volunteer in running training programmes in churches for Sunday school children  teacher and “neighbourhood” children teachers

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