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When I heard about the project, project that integrates students from abroad and proofs and stories about the Holocaust, I was worry, I was worry about their reactions and their attitude because they are not Jews. But, nevertheless I thought that it will be interesting, important and challenging to discus with students from USA about the biggest disaster that my people passed. In the beginning it was not easy, because every note could be hurting when we talk about so sensitive subject that loaded in so much emotions and feelings. Fortunately, the book was very useful because it helped us to base a relationship and helped them to understand what really happened there, and to be more sensitive regarding us and our emotions.

In spite the fact that is not the same thing; the fighting in Gaza not exactly helps to the Israel's image regarding the world, but in this project we could relate to the Israel's position in this fighting, position that nearly didn't was said in the world.

In the conclusion, I can say that in spit the worries; it was one of the most influences projects that I ever done.