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the web2.0 is a very good initiative, especially for rural communities as well service providers.It creates a platform for exchanging and sharing of ideas and knowledge. the experiences people have been through are a great resource, this entails the mistakes made one group of people when undertaking a project will not be reapeted by others.

Primary Education

there are seven years for primary education.

lusaka province

there are several schools level one.


The city of Sibuyunji
This is the latest district and has mainly level three schools becauze it is a rural setting.
the intention of upgradin this to the level of district is so that their is equitable destribution of wealth.


has three level one two level two schools and five level three.


has three fifteen level one schools and five level two schools

copperbelt province

this mainly has level two schools.

Scondary Education

five years for secondary thi is divided into junior and senior secondary.

Tetiary Education

this has several groups


there are five public and several private universities in zambia

    1. small mango
    2. big mango
  2. Orange
  3. Banana