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Recycling Garabage

Recycling is the term used to describe an different form of disposing of used materials. Instead of thrwoing trashes onto landfills, it is a way of making new items. By recycling wasted materials, it is possible to reduce the amount of garbages going to landfills and it also keeps the cost of items which are made from recycled waste to stay low.

In The Next 3-5 Years

The technology for recycling garbage will be improved and people will have more knowledge of recycling. Many countries have different ideas and plans to recycle garbages. In the Berkeley, California, they started the recycling propose called, "curbside recycle," which is origin of our recycling system. There will be more efficient way to recycle garbages by originating technology we have now.

Impact & Effect

This is the really positive technology for our future to keep our planet clean. And people are taking actions to reduce waste items going to lanfills. In Japan, people are working on effort called "3R" which stand for "Reduce," "Reuse," and "Recycle" This action was proposed to suppress the resource collection as much as possible, to use those without uselessness, to suppress the waste to the minimum.
1) Reduce is most important part in 3R. We can review our attitude in our living in life, such as, "Don't put out garbage," "don't buy things you don't need," and "buy something that can be used for long period." Energy is needed in the procecc to recyle, and to reuse it, and some resources will be used. However, unless there are no garbages itself, we don't need energy. The reducing the garbage is the most effective approach to decrease garbage. The approach of reduce can be started from our familiar point.
2) Reuse is the second way to decrease waste. Even thoug people try to reduce the waste, there will be something unnecessary withou fail. That is the time to Reuse. One of the way to Reuse is the flea market. People are selling things they don't need to not make waste.
3) Recycle is the last way to reduce wastes. By creating items from wasted materials, there will be less wastes going to landfills. And there are several types of recycling which are "material recycle," using waste items as raw materials, "chemical recyle," breaking wastes by scientifically, and "thermal recyle," incinerating, which is last way to recyle the wastes which are not able to recyle.

Development Role

As mentionne before, every country has different way to approach better garbage recycle. Our technology is improving day by day, and there will be better recycling system in th future.