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How you can deal with your fear?

My biggest fear is high places. I was never able to deal with staying in a place far away from the ground. I thought I could never overcome that fear until my father decided to help me. First, he took me to a 30 storey building and said that we were going to walk up to the last floor in the building. I didn’t know if he was joking or not, but at that moment when he said that, I ran. I don't think I've ever ran so fast in my life before. My father then realized that he needed to take things a little slower with me. So we started with 10 storey buildings which after 5 hours of standing outside of the building, I finally decided to deal with my fear and get to the last floor. I did it! I got up and I looked down from the window. Sure I was a little dizzy and very scared, but when I came down, I was happy. I was able to deal with my fear thanks to my dad and my will power.

(Comment.gif: Excellent! --Nellie Deutsch 19:42, 19 January 2009 (UTC))


Listening is very hard for most people. People are used to watching and listening together because watching something helps them concentrate more. Listening is a skill that people can learn. You can watch movies and T.V without subtitles and you can talk with other people in English to improve your hearing. If it's hard for you to follow other people talk, you can write notes or questions about what you have heard. Listening is important in order to understand someone. It will be very embarrassing understanding one thing that is far away from what the other person meant. Listening also help to vocabulary. You can learn new words that after you can use in other conversations. I know from experience that watching movies, talking with people and writing notes can help your vocabulary grow and help you understand more while you listen.

(Comment.gif: Excellent work, Shiri. --Nellie Deutsch 21:03, 27 November 2008 (UTC))


Stress is a problem that anyone can suffer from such as adults, teenagers, and kids. But, according to a recent survey teenagers are the population that suffers the most from stress. According to the survey, stress is a situation caused by different reasons. The main reason is a problem with schoolwork. Teenagers can't stop thinking about tests and school tasks. Because of that they stay up at night and their sleep is ruined. The second reason is problems with the parents. The problem can be caused when teenagers argue with their parents or have issues with them, and they can't stop thinking about that. The third reason is problems with friends- when teenagers fight with their friends and they are nervous about that.

Stress is a problem that no one can get rid of, but there are different ways to live and learn to deal with it. It will be easier if the person who deals with stress is healthy. To be healthy you should work out and make your body strong. And you should eat food with lots of vitamins. Also try to get a good night sleep. If, after all that, you are still nervous, you should try a mini-holiday. It helps you take a break from your daily routine. You can have fun with that and do everything you like. Good luck!!

(Comment.gif: Shiri, you have used too many of the sentences from the text which is not allowed on the Bagrut in G or in general. It is called plagiarism. You must use your own ideas or write/cite where you got the information from. --Nellie Deutsch 21:39, 5 January 2009 (UTC))

High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana was very fun. I celebrated the eve of Rosh Hashana with my family, my grandfather, my aunt and my cousins. I had a good time. My mom made a lot of delicious food and in the end of the evening, no one could move! Day after, my family and I decided to drive to the Dead Sea (yam hmalh). My aunt, my cousins and my grandfather joined us and together we spend a graet time. We swam and played, and we ate tasty sandwichs. We got home really late and very tired. דבש ותפוח.jpg

Yom Kippur



Applying for visa to U.S

89/5 Sabion ,

10 Flwers street,

Tel Aviv
Embasy of USA

Dear Sir,
My name is Shiri Gilany and I want to apply for visa to U.S. I've been in many places and many countries in my life, but I always wanted to visit USA. Now, I decided to fulfill my dream and finally go to USA for the vacation I've always wanted. I would like to apply for a tourist visa. I want to tour the U.S and see many places that I always saw on T.V. It is very important for me to visit the U.S at least once in my life time because it's different from places I've already been. The sites, the people, the atmosphere and so much more that makes the USA so wonderful and an amazing experience.

I hope to hear from you soon about the visa.

    Yours truly,
Shiri Gilany

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Organized Tours

                                                                          77 Irus Ha'argaman, 
                                                                          Netanya, 42490 
                                                                          September 9, 2008

Mr. John Brown

USA Tour Guide

'See the World' Travel Company

59 West 46th Street

New York, NY 10036


Dear Sir,

My name is Shiri Gilany, I'm 17 years old and I'm planning to go on a three-month vacation in the USA right after I finish high school by the end of this year. I decided to choose an organized tour because I've never been on one before since all my travels abroad were self planned.

It is going to be my first trip to USA and I would like to see many sites in NYC such as, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, "Ground Zero", as well as other famous places like the Amish County, Hershey's Chocolate Factory, The Niagara Falls, and Disney world in Orlando Florida. I also wish to see Las Vegas and visit filming studios in Hollywood.

I would very much appreciate if you could send me some brochures and additional information about such tours including the following: A detailed schedule as well as flight details, the number of people in the group and the range of their ages, the list of the hotels where we are supposed to stay, a short description of all places that we will visit and the overall price.

I'm very excited about this tour. Hope to hear from you soon.


Shiri Gilany