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National Youth Corps

National Youth Service


Learning is Fun



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My Sandbox




Largest Black Nation




Internet Search Engine


My name is Ebiho Agun, i work for the Federal Ministry of Youth Development, Nigeria. I have learnt a lot of things on wikieducator. I learnt how to work on my user page, my prefrences, how to edit, how to contribute to discussions on wikiforum, am working on my learning contract and now i am learning how to work on my Sandbox.

Still learning though. Well i guess thats one of the goals of being here............To LEARNand to CONTRIBUTE

Thanks to all the Facilitators

Signing off


Hope am doing the right thing..........well YOU LEARN BY DOING.........[1]


DAY Lesson
1 How to introduce myself, how to edit , etc
2 How to partcipate on wikiforum, how to contribute
3 Working on My Prefrences

Still on Day 4..................
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