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(Comment.gif: Welcome ~ good start ~ be sure to put in your bio, interests and collaboration interests. Also, I have made a few edits to your page, so you can experience collaboration in WikiEducator....check the history tab to see what I've done.... --Randy Fisher 15:21, 29 July 2008 (UTC))

About Me


My name is Sharon. I would like to contribute to wikis as it would enable me to express my views on educational matters and collaborate with others to resolve educational issues. This is part of Tutorial 3.

What can I write about me?

  • I have been teaching for 28 years.
  • I have been to Teachers' college and my elective was music.
  • I have sang at music festivals, performed in bands, modelled, been an aerobic instructor, done some radio announcing, etc.
  • I have taught the age groups from 6 years to 10 year olds at various times.
  • I am on various administrative committees in my school e.g. Finance, Reading, ICT, School Based Management,etc.
  • I am also on the Executive in the PTA.
  • I am the Chairperson in the Woman's Group in my church and am also on some other committees at my church.
  • I have B. Ed in Educational Administration from UWI and a Diploma in ICT form Cambridge University.


My interests are in Music, Dance, ICT, Radio Announcing, etc. I am also interested in pursuing Educational Technology online at an accredited university.


I believe that ICT can be used in the classroom to address the Mulitiple Intelligences in the classroom. I also have a deep concern for morale and motivating teachers in schools. I believe that some teachers see teaching as just a 'job' where they get a salary and nothing else. What strategies, methods can be used to alleviate these problems? I know that there are other educators interested in the two areas I mentioned and by my being part of the wiki community, I feel I would be able to collaborate with interested individuals and be given ideas, even solutions to my concerns.

Hoping to hear from you.Increase teacher morale

My Sandbox

My sandbox