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OER : Arrays in Computer Programming ==

Category : Information Technology

Objective : The course will provide a detail analysis of arrays in programming. The students will be able to understand the fundamentals of arrays in programming

Target Audience : Undergraduates

Introduction to Arrays in Programming

Welcome to the course on "Introduction to Arrays in Programming".

An array is a collective name given to a group of similar quantities. Array programming primitives concisely express broad ideas about data manipulation.

The following shows some web material related to arrays. Nearly every programming languages have arrays and they can be combined with other types of variables for quite complex data structures.

You can enjoy some of the video links relating to the topic. At the end of the session you will get some links to online session. As an additional help the lesson has provided a link to a discussion forum about arrays. Hope you will enjoy...............

Lesson Materials

  • Learning Objects for Arrays [1]
  • Arrays and Clusters [2]
  • Arrays and Functions [3]
  • Arrays in C Programming[4]

Vedio Demonstration:

Elements of Arrays in Programming[5]

Online Discussion Forum:

Arrays and its function [6]

Quiz in Arrays

Quiz1 [7]

links in wiki

internal link: link surrounded by two square brackets

Internal link

 external lilnk : give the URL

[8] some matterials in Arrays