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My Pictures

Mypicture.jpg This is not my picture I am practicing here, I am trying to upload a picture frm my computer but is failing

This is my institution


Why Wikieducator?

Developing online materials is a challenge and having OERs is a great help to online educators or to anyone who needs help with online materials. Wikieducator will provide the community of practice that we want as we share and collaborate with colleagues from across the continent. This online session is very useful and it is amazing what I can do in the last four days of the session. I had registered for these sessions for a number of reasons and some of which are to:

  • Acquire wiki skills
  • Meet with colleagues from different countries
  • Know more abbout OERs
  • Become a wikieducator
  • Improve online skills
  • Share knowledge and contribuite to OER

So far it has been interesting and challenging.