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My Profile

Krista Lima

Professional Background

Currently undertaking my internship at the Corozal Community College CCC

  • I will be doing Integrated Science with Forms 1 and 2, and Biology with Form 3.



Presently pursuing Bachelors Degree in Biology Education

Associates Degree in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology

My Interests

  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Cooking
  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Spending Time with Family
  • Reaching out to Others


I enjoy learning new things and putting into practice new teaching techniques. I am looking forward to my internship experience in January. I find reading to be very enjoyable although lately most of the reading that I am getting done apart from school material is on nursery rhyme books and phonics ABC books with my son.


My Projects

I hope to:

  1. develop a 'tips' sheet with helpful tools that teachers can use in the classroom in the Science Field.
  2. hear from other educators on ways to improve teaching techniques with relevance to certain topics that are usually problematic to students.
  3. learn more through wikieducator.
  4. share the site with my students so that they may be exposed to a bit more of what is out there.
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My Sandbox

My sandbox