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My profile

I am Shalinee Bhardwaj. Born and brought up in the vibrant, historically pivotal National Capital Region of New Delhi, India.
An educator by professional experience, I believe myself to be a perpetual learner and researcher at heart. I hold a Master's degree in Botany and also a Bachelor's in Education from Delhi University. I worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Education, Gargi College, Delhi University.
Currently based in Doha, Qatar I am working as a freelance writer for reputed publishing firms.
I find the concept of free education/learning very progressive and am glad to be a part of it now.

My Education

My University- University of Delhi, India- Having spent my wonderful years studying in the DU (as we call it), the university's image is impressioned upon my mind as a lush green campus with winding roads and swaying trees, the college buildings popping out here and there from behind sprawling lawns of green! A fraternity of friends crowding around a road side tea stall, jam packed DU specials..Passouts from DU will acknowledge- those days are to be missed not forgotten!

My Department- Department of Botany, University of Delhi

My College- Gargi College Gargi logo.jpg

My college- Central Institute of Education (Department of Education), University of Delhi, India