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My name is Seyoum Mengist . I had a bachelor degree in agricultural extension .my first degree give profound knowledge on

  • Agricultural Extension
  • Participatory approaches
  • Rural development
  • Agriculture Template:Forestry
  • Aender issues in development
  • Agricultural information and
  • Communication systems and management.

Profesional experience

I work as research extension farmers linkage expert in [Ethiopian institute of agricultural research] , my previous experience focus on Extension research, pre-extension demonstration and scale up of technologies to the end users, socio economic survey and impact assessments for development Interventions in Agricultural research centres.

Current status

Now i am a graduate student in addis ababa university in development studies (food security studies)


share information on web 2 for dev't , the role of informatona communicaton on agricultural development 

Personal link

  2. EIAR/
  3. AAU/
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