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Upon completion of this course, ITEC 227, the student will be able to:
  • Identify the major goals of computer networks;
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of computer networks over stand-alone systems with a view to choosing one for a specific application;
  • Define the terms protocols, peer processes, and interfaces as they apply to a computer network;
  • Differentiate between physical communication and virtual communication;
  • Explain the rationale behind the OSI Reference model
  • Identify and describe the functions of the seven layers in the OSI Reference model; differentiate between connection-oriented and connectionless services.
  • Describe the functions of typical service primitives; and
  • Differentiate between protocols and services;

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  • Know the major goals of computer networking
  • Make inform decisions as to why you should network an environment; cost vs benefits of networking
  • Understanding the key terms used in networking
  • Understanding the virtual environment
  • Understanding the OSI Reference Model as a networking teaching tool
  • Know the importance of the seven layers in networking
  • Know the services provided by the seven layers and their impact on computer communication
  • Be able to separate what protocols are as against the services provided by protocols

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