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This page will be used for my editing practice.

'Accounting Principles'

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Tuilaepa Aiono Malielegaoi


Financial Accounting

  1. Cost Accounting Systems
    • Job Order Costing
    • Process Costing
  2. Cash Management & Control
    • Internal Controls
    • Bank Reconciliation
  3. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
    • Sales Price Variance
    • Contribution Margin
Time Value of Money

<left>List of courses</left>

No. Course Code Course Title
1 HAC001 Foundation Financial Accounting
2 HAC002 Foundation Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting

  1. Performance Evaluation
    • Standard Variances
    • Volume Variances
  2. Budgeting
    • Sales Budget
    • Purchases budget

International Accounting Standards

  1. IAS 1
    • Recognition of Assets, Liabilities & Owner's Equity
  2. IAS 4
    • Accounting for Liabilities

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