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OER Project-Candle making

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  • Teach the students how to earn while they learn
  • Make the students to become aware of the steps involved in the data collection, manufacturing and marketing of a Product

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Called the students together and discussed about various aspects of Candle making.Hearing about the project they became excited and expressed their enthusiasm to start the project.They suggested to make candles of many shapes.Many suggestions came to make candles of different shapes.Some suggested that stainless steel vessels or plastic articles can be modified to obtain required shape.Discussions came up to add colours also to make the candles attractive.At this time some students brought up the idea of adding perfumes to the candle which will still further add more attraction to the product.We decided to locate shops dealing the materials required for candle making before starting the purchase.

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We started with 10 students to purchase the materials that we located earlier.We had prepared a list of items required for the project as per the discussions made earlier.We bought 2 Kg of paraffin wax granules and 100 Gms of wick.Some colourig material and a little perfume also purchased.Some attractive packing materials also bought as per the list and returned from the market.Instructed the students to keep the cost details of the items purchased which is required for preparing the cost of production. Next day all the 10 students came together to a place where we could make the candles.The wax granules put in a vessel and heated it using LPG.On melting a little colour added and stirred well. After this a little perfume also added as decided earlier. Now the students Placed the wicks in the pots properly and poured the molten wax to pots of different shapes and kept it inside a vessel with water for cooling and solidification.Then, after coolig ,the students carefully removed the candles of different shapes from the containers with out affecting their shapes. They started to pack the candles in good looking cover.Now the candles are ready for sale. We directed the students to calculate the total cost incurred using spread sheet .This was a good experience for them to learn accounting.Added 30 per cent extra as the profit and they found out the cost of selling. The items taken to shops for selling.Due to the attractive shapes and smell of perfume there was good demand for the product. Thus for the first time in their life, they made a little money of their own by their own effort on which they are much proud of.Now the students are thinking of improving the quality of the product by discussion.

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  • Students become aware of the purchasing of raw material
  • They master the manufacturing technique
  • Details of keeping accounts and how to maintain it become known to them
  • Students get knowledge of the Marketing
  • In their minds the idea of how to set up and develop a project will develop.

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