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The 6th conference of the Caribbean Area Network for Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education (CANQATE) was held in Barbados from October 6 - 8, 2009. The theme for the conference was: "Balancing Quality and Quantity: the global challenge for tertiary education". This article discusses some of the key issues raised at the conference and examines how these questions might be relevant in practical terms in the Caribbean and beyond. The key themes emerging from the conference that will be discussed here are:


  1. Creating Perspective - the opening plenary (Dr. Richard Lewis)
  2. Challenges to Quality-led Change (Dr. Michael Bradshaw & Mr. Lyndon Abdool)
  3. Tooling for Success in Distance Education (Ms. Lynette Woods)
  4. Tools for Enhancing E-Libraries and the E-Learning Community (Ms. Kumaree Ramtahal)
  5. Managing E-Resources & E-Services in Academic Libraries in the Caribbean (Ms. Dorothy Palmer)
  6. Perspectives of Assessors on the Accreditation Process of the UCJ (Dr. Ethley London & Dr. Dawn Barrett Adams)
  7. Assuring Quality Tertiary Education Provision in the Caribbean: the way forward (Dr. Ethley London)