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Wikimedia editing help

To make fonts Bigger, use this syntaxt: <font><big>YOUR TEXT GOES HERE.
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Tip: Start the next text (which you want to be small or normal) with <font><small>

Certification of Wikiskills and commitment to 'Open Learning': Basis of certification

Collaborative Videos: Kaltura

For learning about colours : All about colouring , Web Colours, Wikie color formatting, Template Text colors, Template Font Color

Set text color by using <span style="color:#009000"> TEXT </span>

Set background color by using <span style="background:#00FF00"> TEXT </span>

Set both by using <span style="color:#FFFFFF; background:#FF69B4"> TEXT </span>

For image upload (video) : Video on Image Upload

For modifying images : Frames and Thumbnails

For Free image sources : Free image sources

Pedagogic templates:pedagogical Templates

Infobox template : This link

Example of use of Templates for Self Learning Materials: Click here

Template for Web Resource : WR

Template for summary: [[Template:Summary}Click here]]

Links for advanced work on WE

For tables :Help with tables, Tables (Comment.gif: Though I find it best to export from Oo when I have make tables... savi 12:26, 25 December 2008 (UTC)) Category templates : To look for templates

Navigational Templates: Navigational Templates

Creating templates: Creating new templates

Templates for Activities : Click here

Template for a three column Activity Table : Click here

Templates for MCQ : Template:ABCD, Template:MCQ

Editing using Open Office : Click here

Making handouts

[[Image:Handouts.png|right|thumb|250px|Click to see the full-size handout]]

which links to the PNG file that was uploaded to a page called Image:Handouts.png.

If the handout is embedded as an image using this text: [[Image:Handouts.png]], it can be seamlessly incorporated into the article but unlike the rest of the article it retains its formatting and layout regardless of screen size. Try changing the screen size to see what happens to the embedded handout: Handouts.png(Comment.gif: But this is not FOSS)

Why not pdf files?

Although pdfs will upload to wikieducator they will not show up in your wikieducator page as images or thumbnails that resemble your upoladed files. Rather they will appear as links. You can click on the link and then open the file. Example: File:Handouts.pdf However, the image will not show up in a printout or in those wonderful pdf files rendered by wikieducator's software using the Download as PDF function. Finally, the pdf version handout occupies about twice the memory space of my original png file.


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