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Book Sharing Project

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Indifference or helplessness

It's important to mention Eli is in need to survive and in this condition, you can let down your family when doing it.

I have luck that I don't need to experience in these situations today.

I can only say that you need to judge the person when his mind is clear and not when he is under any kind of stressing situations and such.

What is your opinion Michelle? What are your Iron rules?


Silence in this story has the role of telling us that Eli is traumitized from the horrible events that occured in the plot.

Eli is using silence in order to survive in his new routine which is out to be translated as a positive action/reaction.

So, What do you think about it?

Where is God?

Where is god is a question cannot be answered. It doesn't matter if you are encoutering difficult events where you see no justice. If you believe god you shouldn't be asking where he's at, cause you assume he's everywhere.

even tough it's really hard to belibe in god when you see mean things, but you cannot decide wheter he's exist or not, cause life is a lot bigger than us.

What is your opinion, Michelle?

Belief, Indifference, or Denial

For Denial I'll choose Eli. When Eli is involved with difficult events, he's losing his faith in God, and has a doubt about God's powers and decisions.

Eli's father best describes Indifference from the fact that he's doing what he was asked for, and doesn't try to revolt or do anything about the situation he's involved in.

For Belive I'll pick The Beadle whom never abandoned his Belief in God, even tough he was beaten by the nazies and was exposed to such horrible events.




Hi michelle,

It was long ago when I done reading the book, so the only thing I remember as an example for foreshadowing is when the jews were praying the kadish for themselves as if they knew they will die soon or later.

Choiceless Choices

I think one of the choiceless choices was to survive.

If life are an important value for you, you would want to survive no matter what are the conditions.

People suffered so much and yet didn't give up on life, which ib fact they had no choice (Or did they?).

What choiceless choices do you think people made?



Is There Any Morality to Survival?

I was manging to survive this hollocoast but not sure if I was able to steal food from my father in order to survive.

But within it I cannot decide what I would do in such cases, cause you can get into situations you don't think cleary.

What is you opnion, Michelle?

Survivors Who Champion Human Rights

I Think Eli Wiesel continue to be a champion of human rights just because the fact that he didn't give up on life, and he was revolting to survive in the holocaust, and that is what makes him this champion.

I would love to hear your opinion Michelle.

Your Israeli Friend (^^),


Final Thoughts

It was interesting to hear your opinions about the book, your world of view and to chat with someone from another country and espcially knowing the fact that we speak English cause it's my favourite language and I think it's good it was chosen to be a universal language.

I enjoyed expressing myself in English and talk about such an emotional-deep book.

I hope this process and tradition will continue as it is inportant for Israel to talk about its history and the situations in here.

Hope you enjoyed as I did.