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My self Sanjay Ratnaparakhi working as Assistant Director (Academic ) in IDOL , University of Mumbai. Last twenty years , I am working in Distance and Open Learning system . I have the done the work to develop the study matarilal as course writers and editors. I have condected training programmes for course writers who are workig as teachers in colleges. Some teachers achived a writing skills and they produced their books.

Three steps

I realised that many efforts are required for devloping a course writers team .Selection of course writers,training and follow up of work these three things are required for this work. After go through this process , I got a sucess in my task. I am following this meethod for my work.

 1. Selection:

     Selection of course writers is very difficult job beaceuse good teachres are not always good writers  and avilable teachers is  not a always sound in  subject area . So select team of course writers should go through very carefully in respect of course content.

2. Training:

    Tranining is one of major stepes in course devlopment .

3. Follow up :

    Personal follow up is required for this work. Through mail , and phone call  are avilable for this task.

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Employer:University Of Mumbai, Information Technology
Languages:Marathi, English
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My profile

I am Sanjay Ratnaparakhi working in IDOl , University of Mumbai , Mumbai haveing background of Distance and Open Learning.

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= Professional background

Assistant Director (Academic),IDOL, University of Mumbai

M.A (Ploitical Science ) from Shivaji University , Kolhapur and Submitted my Ph.D in YCMOU, Nashik.

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Nitin Dalvi Jayesh Shinde

== Professional

I am working as Assistant Director (Academic ) in IDOL . Last 12 years , I am working in IDOL.

My wiki projects

I registred in wiki education traing programme on 24th Feb, 2011.

I am enjoyinig this workshop. This is good traing activity for teachers.