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Genral Information

I am a kenyan man aged above mid-age and a keen learner of WikiEducator. So please do not delete my staff until I know how to restore it.

My Family

This sub heading will be filled later.

My Education

Above the normal average for most people in the developing countries. soon when I learn on how to attach a cv, I will past one on this web. My next ambition is to qualify as an Education open resource developer.

My Tastes

Sorry to be average. I dont complain about live nor am I resigned to the presnt situation. Though averege I am not without great ambition.

=My Best Dishes

I am totally vegetarian though I occassionally eat fresh to balance my diet. Traditonal vegetable I relish include Chinsaga, rinagu, omwongo risosa, egesare, and on the lower stratum of this scale is cabbage abd kales. These are often eaten with food wihich simply means Ugali. I also happen to come from the land of bananas, and it is not uncommon to eat biolled matoke for brekfast, fried matoke for lunch and cooked matoke for supper. In between we keep ourselves entertained with ripe bananas.

My Best music

I strictly like any song that is more than a year old and is still doing well on the local chart.

  • Old music is most cherished.
  • Soft music when I am tired.
  • Rock music when my sprits are low, which is often rare.
  • Blues and R&B in the evenings when the heart is willing and the fresh tired.
  • Christian music when I need consolation from the tribulation of this unkind world.
  • Rumba when I need to listen to the words and lines of the song.
  • finally when I need silence, I listen to the birds sing: they are ten times ths best shuman singer history has evr produced.
  1. My fashion taste
  2. My leisure activities
  3. My Philosophy in Life
  4. My Hobbies
  • Let me try to paste a pictre for you to see How I look like.
    • I have tried ten times, obviously in vain. Tommorrow I will ask my teacher if he is qualified enough. Watch this space.
This is where I live