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The spirit of rock … \m/

Okay the spirit of rock ?? eh ?? thats a very tricky question to answer .. There is a simple reason behind it , that many people mistake rock to be like anti religion , or as many Christian Catholics say , anti Christ . Rock ain’t Anti GOD , or anti Christ . Rock is all about rebellion , all about standing against the people who run the society . or as Jack black says in his movie The School Of Rock , rock is all about sticking it the man …

Yes my friends , rock is all about sticking it to the man .

Rock is one layman’s term . Or to put in other words it is a very big genre of music , just as you have blues , jazz and pop . Rock has many sub genres for example ,

Classic rock , Grunge Rock , Hard Rock , Punk Rock , Progressive Rock , Soft Rock ( yeah rockstars are soft also .. ) Psychedelic Rock , Country rock , Alternative Rock and many more . And each genre has its own style of conveying a message .

For instance , Grunge rock include bands like Nirvana , Alice in chains, Pearl Jam and many more .. There lyrics don’t make sense at all with the music and the lines are quite counfusing , but as you look at the lyrics as a whole , you will understand that the lyrics convey some potential meaning after all ..

Rock also gave birth to one of the genres that todays youngsters are really fascinated about .. – METAL

Yes my friends metal , this is a much bigger way of showing rebellion to a particular organization and it also has its sub genres . thrash metal , death metal , brutal death metal , heavy metal , gothic metal , psychedelic metal . and many more ..

First Metal band to name was BLACK SABBATH , who gave birth to one of the most famous names in entire rock history – OZZY OZBOURNE

And then in 1980’s came three bands , Metallica , Megadeth and Iron Maiden , bringing a revolution in the metal history and changed history of metal forever .

But there is one saying that sums up which of the bands gave the most to metal fans .

Black Sabbath created metal but METALLICA perfected it , and the rest is history To sum up Rock is not Anti God . Rock is standing up for yourself , it is all about freedom of speech , freedom of mind from the shackles of laws that people have to abide by to live in it , but they do not know that these very rules and laws are the ones that feed upon them and brings upon them suffering . Rock goes against such rules , but you see as the famous song goes by Pink Floyd people are “ COMFORTABLY NUMB .