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About Me

I am Director of Forward Foundation, partner in Future Forward Institute, creator of open source, and a member of

Forward Foundation is a Foresight/Futures studies not for profit research and development group. We've worked in the past with, MacArthur Foundation, Stanford University, MIT Press, MITE, USDA, and hundreds of small groups and networks across the globe.

We produce research and forecasting like most "futures studies think tanks", but we also produce open source software and code, open source hardware and designs, and open licensed education materials. Examples include and some of us have worked on with Our organizational development skills include:

Helping groups on all scales adopt and successfully use network-based-ecology approaches. Here's a recent presentation that we put together (which will also be published as a paper soon):

Our technical skills include:

Archives management, Complex Systems modeling and agent based modeling, CAD/CAM/F-CSG/Vector design, distrubuted systems architecture, authoring of open standards, and consulting on their usage and deployment. We've developed software in PHP, Python, Ruby, Erlang, Perl, and are even now developing a networked based programming language that works with We've also developed Arduino/Wiring hardware-based solutions.


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