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my hobbies I love shopping sandbox2/ life skills free content Midwifery

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in your view, whcih is better. Free or closed?

Feed back

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Name Country Activities Time frame
Salma Hassan Maldives to finish unit 1-3 in module 2 25th Aug 07
Continue working on unit 4&5 End of July 07
Complete all 5 units in module 2 End of August
Meet and discuss with head of faculty about developing Midwifery course on line and start working on it accordingly Nov 07
Arrange and conduct at least one workshop on wiki skills for members of college including one member from each faculty Nov- Dec 07

N.B Module work will be done with the help of members of Gr. 2. Salma, Kavena,Lucine, and Joorawon

Click Here for Power Point Presentation on Gender and sex rolesPresentation icon.png

Report 0n 20th June 2007

Day started with highlighting the program for today. Cerrone discussed briefly about the closing ceremony which is going to take place during lunch time with the P.M. secretary. Around 12noon , brief presentation of the grops were done. Each group discussed about how they have formulated the module and the interactive activities and feed back.