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The Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources was founded in 1996 and has its headquarters at Neudamm Campus, approximately 40 km from the main UNAM campus in Windhoek. The Faculty’s aim is to promote sustainable agriculture and natural resources development and management in Namibia, through teaching, research and extension services to communal and commercial farming communities. After spending their first year at the Faculty of Science in the Windhoek Campus of UNAM, Both B.Sc (Agriculture) and B.Sc (Natural Resources) students spend their second Year at the Neudamm Campus. B.Sc (Integrated Environmental Science) students are based at Ogongo.

Specialisation in Agriculture start in the third year whereby the students choosing Crop Science go north to the Ogongo campus while those in Agricultural Economics & Extension, Animal Science and Food Science & Technology specializations remain at Neudamm. The Natural Resources and Conservation courses (Fisheries and Marine Science Option) currently return to the Windhoek Campus from 3rd year. However It is planned that there will be a Fisheries campus at the coast where the Fisheries and Marine Science option of Natural Resources and Conservation will be offered. Faculty Activities are coordinated at the Neudamm Campus. The National Diploma in Agriculture is offered at both Neudamm and Ogongo, whereas the National Diploma in Forestry is offered at Ogongo. The Ogongo Campus, 50 km from Oshakati, is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in Northern Namibia.