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Well, so I signed up today 17 April 2008 - it's strange because I believe I already created an account at the very beginning of the project. Anyway ... time is due now to connect things :-)

I have been working for and in various open source and open contents projects since approx. 2000. Actually I am the vice president of the non-profit branch of Vox Humanitatis and work as CCO always within Vox Humanitatis. Together with Gerard Meijssen I planned OmegaWiki which previously was called Ultimate Wiktionary and the WiktionaryZ before it became a "real project". For the first version Erik Möller was the CTO, now the second one is lead by Bèrto 'd Sèra as CTO. Within the Wikimedia Foundation I built up the Italian and Sicilian Wiktionary and the Neapolitan Wikipedia being now active mainly at the Neapolitan wikipedia sometimes editing on the German, English and Piedmontese version. Within the Wikimedia Foundation I am member of the Translation Committe which is part of the Communications Committee and I am the Chair of the Language Committee. The open source projects I mainly support are Anaphraseus, Apertium and OmegaT, all of them being helpful tools for translators. So these are the many hats I wear, my activity is not always the same in all of them, but I actively connect and promote them. Often this means that you won't see me all too active on the projects themselves since I mainly "talk" with people whereby talk also means chat (skype: sabinecretella) and e-mail: s.cretella [at] I often present these projects in conferences and right now we are creating our own conference about less resourced languages.

And this takes me to our actual project called Open Nursery which is about creating contents to be used for kids in preschool age and the early stage primary school to learn their own mother tongue, to learn some basics of other languages and of course about topics they cover in class. So it is time to connect and get things on the way, also to co-ordinate with what already is done in order to not double efforts.

I will not be here often, as I said: I mainly promote projects and do just some work myself. So please, if you wish to contact me and would like a fast answer, just write me an e-mail.

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Thanks for taking the time to read.