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The objective of this course is to
1. identify the macro envionmental factors in competitve business
2. identify the core competencies of business firms

Target Audience

Final year students in bisness and management opted to follow business strategy


Supplementary learining material for busness strategy course matrial



open resource from MIT

open courseware on competitive advantage

Group Profile

This is S A D Senanayake and L P S Gamini staff members of Depatment of Management Studies from the Department of Management Studies, OUSL. Senior Lecturer in managemnt.[1]

Niluka Damayanthi Sandya Hewameealla Department of Legal Studies



University Education

University degree is from University of Kelaniya, Bachelor of Scence speilising Industrial Management in 1991 and with mathematics
as the sub specialising subject at the degree thid year, successfully completed with the fist class honours pass.

Postgraduate studies

MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, India in 1999.

presently working at Department of Management Studies, The Open University of Sri Lanka.