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                   CURRICULUM VITAE 

Personal data RWAKABUBA M. Newton

                          Date of birth: 19, August, 1978
                          Marital status: Married 
                          Nationality: Rwandese
                           Health: Excellent

Contact Détails: Rwanda Kigali

                              PO BOX 538 Kigali Rwanda
                             Tél: (250)088769523
                               Skye name: rwakanews400

2000-2004 Kigali institute of science Technology and Management(KIST) 1993-1999 Secondary school at collège de Gisenyi 1986-1993 Primary school primary school


2004 Bachelor’ of Science in Engineering, computer Engineering and

                 Information Technology (A0)

2008: MCP (Microsoft Certified Pofessional certified)

International training attended

                     CCNA I    Networking Basis
                     CCNAII     Routing basis
                     CCNAIII    Switching basis and intermediate routing
                     CCNAIV    WAN technologies
                      MCP (Microsoft Certified Pofessional).   
                     -Installing Windows XP Professional.
                     -Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources.
                     -Implementing, Managing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Hardware  
                       Device Drivers.
                     -Monitoring and optimizing system Performance and Reliability.
                     -Configure and Troubleshooting the Desktop Environment.
                     -Implementing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Network Protocols and

MCSA Training on (Microsoft Certified System Administrator)

                 -Managing and Maintain Physical Logical Devices
                 -Manage and Maintain Users, Computes and Group
                 -Manage and Maintain Access to Resources 
                 -Manage and Maintain a Server Environment
                 -Manage and Implement Disaster Recovery
                 -Administrating servers running win 2008 server
                -Administrating server running active directories
                -Folder redirection administration
                -Object and files sharing Administration

2003 Diploma in computer engineering and information

              Technology (A1)

1999 General Advanced certificate of secondary education

                   Work experience

2002 -Industry attachment in BRALIRWA Gisenyi

                -Windows 2000 server installation and configuration 
                 -LAN setup using stand-alone and LAN using client/server
                 -Cabling and troubleshooting
                -Configuration firewall and intranet like lotus notes
                -Data recovery and data backup

2003-2007 Software Enginee in Computer Bytes Company in network Administration an - From July 2007 Up-to-date I’m ICT Officer in Rwanda Agricultural Development Authority (RADA). With the following:

-Make sure the institutional is 100% getting internet connection in safe and reliable security and Managing the Local area Network -Make sure that all ICT equipments are well maintained with update software and hardware -Make sure that the institution website is up and running with update contents

-Make sure that Parchased ICT equipments meet the required specification and standards

-Make sure institutional IT equipments are well maintained

I designed and developed the following Websites:

     Designing and development of a website for AERG
     Designing and development of a website for ATEDEC a local non government organization

2005 Designing and development of a website for office

       Of The Prime minister http:// 

Languages Kinyarwanda: Native spoken

                        English: excellent
                       French: excellent
                       Swahili: fluent

Achievements 2004 Research project on designing a website for RITA

                 Using HTML, JAVASCRIPT and other powerful   
                 Software editors such us Macromedia
                 Dream weaver MX2004
                 Macromedia firework and photo shop; in the partial 
                 Fulfilment of the requirement of the award of 
                 Bachelors Degree in computer Engineering and 
                  Information technology.
                Knowledge in internet technologies
                Knowledge in website design
               Knowledge in database design
              Knowledge in software and hardware maintenance
              Knowledge in Dev Info


Reading newspapers Football Cinema