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Web 2.0 Workshop

Attended the Web 2.0 workshop in Bulawayo. The course is an eye opener and has learnt a lot. I particularly enjoyed the learning about the Google alerts and RSS which I am sure will be of use to my day-to-day work at the Authority. A lot of information is being produced in the aviation industry which needs to be feeding into the organization, but might not reach it because most of the the information is on the web and is being distributed via the web rather than the paper based version.


The searching aspect of the course brought in a lot of excitement, since some of the ways we learnt to search were never highlighted before. It looks like Google is taking over the information world by storm ensuring that the web is put in one big box for everyone around the world to access.


However the challenge is getting the developing world on board especially in Africa where the poverty levels are high and people cannot afford the ICT tools which enable them to access this information or the interact and collaborate on platforms of web 2.0.
Lack of resources such as
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • Internet connectivity
  • ICT infrastructure
  • Computers
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Developing and encouraging people to use effective searching strategies is essential

  • The use of a search strategy checklist should be encouraged
  • Understand and use advanced searching
  • Boolean searches are powerful and under used
  • Learn the search routines for all packages and electronic information sources

For further information visit the INASP website - [1]

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