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St. Kitts-Nevis appears as a tiny dot on the globe. The islands are however rich in history and people who visit even by accident generally return for another taste of the two little islands that form one paradise.

Six thousand years before the islands became known to Europeans, Carib indians had settled on the islands and established communities.They called the island now known as St. Kitts "Liamigua" which means fertile land. The neighbouring island was named Oualie.

When Christopher Columbus landed on St. Kitts during his second voyage to the west, he found the island so beautiful that he named it St. Christopher after his patron saint.The name St. kitts appears to have originated from a former British governor named christopher who was nicknamed Kit for short. The island seems to have been referred to as Kit's island then later St. Kitts which stuck and began to appear on a variety of documents.. While the official name for the island is St. Christopher, St.Kitts is also accepted as legal. Message pad with pen.jpg