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OER: Language of Microeconomics


Objective of the OER is to provide the students a sound knowledge about two principle concepts in economics (1) demand and (2) supply and sharing the knowledge with other scholars in the field.

Target audience

Target group of this OER is the 1st Year undergraduates of the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of university of Ruhuna Sri Lanka however, it would be more important to who are expected to undertake other exams/tests such as A/L students, Banking competitive test, Managers and other people who importance the subject matters in Economics.


This Open Education Resource (OER) relates to the second lesson unit of the course: ECN 1101 Microeconomics offered by the department of Economics University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka. Contents of the OER are as under:



  • Microeconomics Laws of Demand and Supply [1]
  • Demand and Supply | PowerPoint Presentation [2]
  • Definition to the concepts of Demand and Supply (PDF)[3]
  • Demand supply analysis [4]
  • Exercises: MCQ Paper (word web) [5]
  • Demand and Supply in the practical world [6]

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Department of Economics

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka