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Contact-new.svg Ruel Margate
Employer:EIT (Tradale)
Flag of Philippines.svg Philippines
Languages:English, Filipino
Flag of Philippines.svg Philippines
Skype address:ruel.merge1

About Me

Hi I'm Ruel Margate, 26 years old :) I live in Hastings, New Zealand.
I grew up in Philippines. I've been living here in New Zealand for almost 6 years.
New Zealand is such an awesome country, it is far more peaceful than the Philippines,
I can say. I'm studying Bachelor of Computing Science 3rd year in EIT Taradale.
I studied Nursing in the Philippines and did not finish it unfortunately.
I'm happy doing IT course because this is one of my most interest thing.
I was a part of a band the lead guitarist; and got my first ever band won
a battle of the band championship in college. I love some sports,
and swimming and basketball are my favorite also my usual exercise.

I want to be a professional IT, it is hard but worthy. I love computer,
new gadgets, VR, and musical instrument especially guitar.

My Interest Links

APA Reference:

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Assessed Activity 4.2

Syntax Highlighter

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Example [1]

// Test SyntaxHighlighter how it work!
// Code is taken from Extension:SyntaxHighlighter
var setArray = function(elems) {
    this.length = 0;
    push.apply(this, elems);
    return this;

Assessed Activity 4.4

Assessed Activity 8.2
My Learning Outcome What have I learned and what are the things that I liked and learnt in this course ITEL7.101?  I have learned that there are many ways to learn online using modern technologies such as computer and mobile device with eLearnin...
— ruelmargateitdl7 2016-04-13 23:15:45
Assessed Activity 8.1
I have added a Courseware on wiki educator about How to install water cooling in your Computer This link helped me on building my computer with customized water-cooling, I think this can help for someone who wants to assemble a water-cooling on th...
— ruelmargateitdl7 2016-04-13 23:15:20
Assessed Activity 7.1
Field Trip! March 24, 2016 was a good field trip, it was fine weather and sunny. I think everyone enjoy the field trip. The picture below is a proof that we enjoyed it. For me this is a different activity. Any issues that surround the use of mobil...
— ruelmargateitdl7 2016-04-13 23:15:03
Assessed Activity 6.1
I have joined the Linked-in EIT Information Technology group I have created a Google Site and have created a Basic CV in it. What is ePorfortlio ePortfolio is an electronic collection of evidence of a step by step or a linear research and study....
— ruelmargateitdl7 2016-04-13 23:14:33


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