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About Me



Hey! My name is Ronnie, I am a 16 years old male and I live in Netanya , Israel. I have a sister that is 20 years old, her name is Chani ,she lives with me in the same house and she has a boy friend that is called Yair. My mom lives with me in the same house her name is Tzippy but my father lives in the United Stated of America because my parents are divorced by the way his name is Arie.

I belong to the Scouts, and I am a counselor of kids that are 12 years old. I go to the scouts already for 5 years and I enjoy being there. The scouts in Israel is really different then the scouts in America. The scouts here is about surviving in the nature and you learn here lots of knots.

I was born in America, New York, Brooklyn. I moved to Israel when I was 4 years old because my grandparents lived here alone with out no one from the family. I have one grandma left because the other one passed away, my grandmother's name is Bracha (in Hebrew it means bless). My grandpa's name was Moshe and he passed away in the year of 2000. My 2 other grandparent's were named: Nissan and Hannah. Hannah passed away a long time ago I didn’t get a chance to meet her. Nissan passed away this year at the summer, I wish I had a better chance to know him because he didn’t know Hebrew that well.

One of the main subjects that we are learning about in school is the Holocaust and I really connect to this subject because a few of my relatives have died in the Holocaust and because of that it is a really hard subject for me to learn about.

I look forward to getting to know you better and to just get to know you.

I'm excited about this opportunity to talk with you.

Ronnie =]

(Comment.gif: Excellent writing, Ronnie. --Nellie Deutsch 21:14, 27 November 2008 (UTC))