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Rationale: The game of cricket requires a good environment and the current global environmental changes will inevitably affect the fields we use to enjoy the game. Tree planting makes a positive difference to our environment, and provides an opportunity for schools, community groups and the public to come together for a good environmental cause. By involving cricket players in tree planting activities, it shows them how easy and fun it is to help our environment. Another advantage is that the benefits of getting involved with environmental activities such as these extend well beyond the personal satisfaction of knowing that you're supporting a good cause, it gives people the opportunity to help the community, offsetting carbon emissions, beautifying natural spaces, and having a great time.


This project has been designed to:

  1. Encourage the Cricket players to contribute to the mitigation measures of our changing climate by planting more trees.
  2. Motivate the Cricket players to play for six and recognize this excellent performance.
  3. Improve the game of cricket by motivating the players and making a wide public awareness about the game.


Every Cricket player who scores a six automatically qualifies to plant a tree. These trees must be planted in well sought areas that should give pride to the Cricket players. The more trees a player plants in a specific period, say in a half year or a year, qualifies him/her for an environmental award.

Implementation Structure and Roles:

A.Environmentalists like the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA- );Trees for the future( ); Prince Kimbugwe Foundation( ) and other organisations should be approached to partner in the project and provide good species of trees, areas for planting, awards and recognition, publicity and other related funds.

B.The Cricket Association: The Cricket association should be approached to; (i) Provide records of individuals who score sixes in tournaments and the league. (ii) Sensitize its members and arrange such sessions that involve the environmentalists and other interested parties to mobilize the cricket fraternity to provide areas within which trees can be planted; fundraise for awards and recognition activities as well as related costs.

C.Gayaza High School Cricket Club: Gayaza High School cricket club is ready to involve the whole school community in; (i) Sensitizing the cricket fraternity about the need to participate in the effort to plant more trees. (ii) Lobbying and convincing the environmentalists to support this project.

PILOT STAGE: This stage will be managed by the Gayaza High School cricket club project team with the acting project manager as Miss Irene Kisakye (Senior six). The project will be piloted using the school tournaments such as the cricket week currently running (August 2010) to see how practical it is to introduce climate change issues within the cricket fraternity. The trees will be sourced by Gayaza High School in partnership with all the stake holders as they come on board. The trees will be planted in the respective schools of the great players that play for six and other areas as offered by the members of the cricket fraternity and other organisations that will be approached.


  1. Gayaza High school project team to write a simple concept paper and send it out to the Environmentalists and cricket association seeking for their views and support- (August 2010).
  2. The pilot project should be planned to start with the schools’ cricket week scheduled for August 2010.
  3. Reports should be made about the pilot project and all the discussions that are held with any partner organisation and these are to be shared with all stake holders-(September 2010).
  4. The project calendar should be drawn for 2011 including all the necessary activities after consulting widely with all stake holders-(October-December 2010).
  5. Creation of a wide and all encompassing project team to run the project calendar activities for 2011 with interest and great zeal-(November-December 2010).


• Read about the game of cricket from- [1] • Learn about trees- [2] .