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About Robby

Family life

He is a farther of two children, married to one beautiful woman. He is currently residing in Kinondoni Municipal, in Dar es Salaam region.

Professional interest

Mr. Robby holds Msc. Agricultural Economics. He is currently working as Agricultural Research Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives. He has adequate knowledge on Producer Empowerment and Market Linkages activities. These include capacity building training of more than 100 farmers’ groups for effective internal organizational management, the process of for democratically-operated market base member organization, organizational management including financial and administrative aspects of the groups/association; and development of business aspects of the groups including basics accounts, marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, participatory monitoring and evaluation, establishment and use of market information centre, sorting and grading for quality, contracts and contract’s management, and use of credit. Also he has outstanding facilitation skills of organizing meetings, seminars and workshop and team building capacity. His research interest is on marketing and other socio economic aspects of producers.

An idea Improved beans variety


He is interested in the following:

  1. Playing basketball
  2. Reading novel
  3. Surfing the internet
  4. Home gardening
Name Telephone Email Address
Eriba Hassani 0756353456 P.O Box 22 DSM
Samuel John 0655370333 P.O. Box 23 DSM
Eriba Hassani 0756353456 P.O. Box 65 DSM

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