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What I'm Reading

Title Author Publisher Reviewer description Comments
Reality is Broken Joane McGonical Random House The author argues that games are fulfilling a human need and that real life needs to be re-invented to make us happier and more productive - as we generally are in the in-game environment. No Comments yet
Brain Rules John Medina Pear Press Fascinating stuff with a lot of insights about how the brain works and how that is relevant to the way we learn. It starts with the topic of exercise and how it improves mental alertness - something every teacher needs to know. Highly recommended. No comments yet.
The Flickering Mind Todd Oppenheimer Random House Paperback Oppenheimer is very well known for his criticisms of the use of technology in education and he makes some excellent points here about its use and misuse. Let's face it, an awful lot of time and effort has been invested in the idea that computers will revolutionise education - improving performance, reducing the need for teaching staff, et etc. While I don't agree with his general conclusions, the things that have gone seriously wrong are worth examining. No comments yet.
Teaching for Tomorrow Ted McCain Corwin Press A handy little book that you could actually read in a day or two or dip into when you have a sub or other unexpected bit of "dead" time. Ted McCain shows us how to neatly combine teaching the content we have to (for formal assessments) while making that activity engaging for students. He writes in a simple and straightforward way avoiding the jargon of educational researchers and instructional design specialists. Very readable, transformed my own teaching. No comments yet.


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