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Contact-new.svg Ria Hinton
Liverpool Waterfront
Occupation:DipGradIT student at EIT (NZ) and Production Assistant at Rockit Apples
Flag of United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

About me

My name is Ria. I am studying for a GradDip in IT as well as working full time in the Apple industry.

I have set up this wiki as part of my Digital Learning Technology course.

I have BA Hons Business Studies degree from Liverpool John Moores University.

I am from Liverpool, UK

Digital Learning Technologies

Assessed Activities

This week we needed to complete various tasks,to demonstrate APA referencing, pedagogical template and syntax

  • APA referencing and Pedogogocial template
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Relevant links
  • As part of our paper for Digital learning tech we need to ensure we use APA Referencing Blended Learning[1]
  • See this link, it discusses Learning Management System that many educational facilities have in place Management Systems [2]

  • Syntax
  <title>Good morning</title>
  <p>Starter text</p>

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My interesting links

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My interesting links
  • Interesting article are about 360 degree technology and how it will change how business will changes in future 360 Degree Technology[3]


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