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My studies

My studies began in the Czech Republic where I undertook my BSc and MSc - afforded to me through a 6 year scholarship from the Czech Government. I then chose to return to South Africa where I read for my PhD at the University of KwaZulu-Natal [1] and focused on aspects of quality, safety and efficacy of African traditional medicine.

My research

My research explores the biodiversity of the country using Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) for socio-economic benefit. My research experience includes various aspects of ethnopharmacology and analytical Chemistry. I also have a keen interest in IKS related public health issues and policy development. The outcome of my current project will involve development of policy guidelines for the use of metal salts in traditional medicines. Working closely with traditional health practitioners has enabled a hands on approach to study the intricate details of a lesser understood indigenous knowledge system.

Traditional Health Practitioner

My experience

My experience as a postdoctoral research fellow at MRC and UKZN included project leadership, establishment of laboratories and successful grant writing. My hard work and dedication to my chosen field has been rewarded by my being accepted into the esteemed DST/NRF Professional Development Programme in 2008 and I am currently the youngest recipient of the MRCs most prestigious Career Development Award which I received in 2011. I currently serve on the (National) African traditional medicine bioprospecting consortium as the Secretary of the Management Committee. My involvement with the consortium has given me further insight into policy making procedures and challenges.

My colleages

Colleen Aldous - Geneticist

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