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I am taking CIS 2 at De Anza College with Professor V.Taylor

Midterm Project

Millenium Development Goal: Achieving Universal Primary Education

UNICEF-Schools for Africa [[1]]

UNICEF SFA is an organization committed to institutionalizing schools in Africa. So far they have reached 11 countries with the cooperation of the government officials of those regions. UNICEF SFA provides a safe environment where children can learn, offering clean water and school supplies as well as educating the children on health and nutrition to live healthier lives.

CAI-Central Asia Institute [[2]]

CAI is an institute that focuses on rural education and literacy (especially for females) teacher training programs, school libraries and promote education in areas where there are little to no education. They have also built schools but area mainly focused on improving the quality of education. This organization currently helps regions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mangolia and Kyrgyzstan.

Brick by Brick-Free the Children [[3]]

Free the Children has an "Adopt a Village, Brick by Brick" program that raises funds to build schools in regions that don't have education. You can also donate money to help buy furniture and school supplies.