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I chose to do my project on addictions because I'm investigating this subject and I just wanted to be familiar with the subject more than I am. In addition, I think that this issue fascinates a lot of people, especially teenagers because during adolescence they start to try things like alcohol, cigarettes and it's very important for them to know a little bit more than they already know about it. Even though my project does not include the whole details about addictions to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, I think it might be interesting for teenagers to read a project on addictions. I take an interest in this subject so I guess most of my peers will take an interest in it too.


Addictions& Kinds of addictions

Teacher's name: Nellie Deutsch

School name: Ort Guttman high school

My Name: Raya Namdar

Date: 22/03/09

Research Question

Are certain people more prone to addictions?


In medical terminology, addiction is a state in which the body relies on a substance for normal functioning and develops physical dependence, as in drug addiction. When the drug or substance on which someone is dependent is suddenly removed, it will cause withdrawal, a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. Addiction is generally associated with increased drug tolerance. In physiological terms, addiction is not necessarily associated with substance abuse since this form of addiction can result from using medication as prescribed by a doctor. The term addiction is also sometimes applied to compulsions that are not substance-related, such as problem gambling and computer addiction. In these kinds of common usages, the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual's health, mental state or social life.


The term "addiction" is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive physical dependence or psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction, crime, alcoholism, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, etc.

Addictive Personalities

In my opinion there are personalities that more prone to be addicted. For example: teenagers, weak-kneed, uneducated people (especially teenagers), people who grow up in dormitory, people that get friend with poor society or children that their parents don't set limits.


Survey Questions

Questions for the survey From WikiEducator Jump to: navigation, search

1. Do you know what an addiction is?

2. In your opinion, what is the worst addiction?

3. Do you think becoming addicted is negative?

4. Do you know a person who is prone to be an addict?

5. Do you define things like: eating chocolate, watching reality TV, surfing on the internet and so forth, routinely as an addiction?

6. Do you define yourself as an addicted person? If your answer is positive, explain.

7. Are you deterred from people which have certain addictions?

8. Do you know someone who has a certain addiction?

9. Do you think teenagers are more prone to be addicted than adults?

10. Are certain people more prone to to be addicted?

Survey Findings

here is the link for the survey findings:


In conclusion, from this project I learned more about an addictions and about kinds of addictions, also I learned about people that more prone to be addicted then others and that most of the people that are more prone to be addicted is teenagers. From the survey I got results that prove that most of people who answerd the quastions think that drugs is the worse addiction and they think that some people are more prone to be an addicted then others and those people are weak-kneed. In addition, this project made me understand that addiction is negative thing and there are many levels in addictions from not so worse to very worse like to be addicted to choclate that it's not so wrong compared with drugs that it's very wrong addiction. I hope that with the assistance of this project subject I will know how to avoid from addictions.


Working on this project was very interesting and enjoyable. The subject of the project: "addictions" really intersts me and that is the reason I chose to do my project about it. I wanted to learn some more about addictions because in school we don't learn nothing about it and I thought that this was my chance to get information about it. Moreover, in my opinion, youths don't know about it so much and I wanted to open it as I enjoyed to work on it.


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