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About me


My name is Rania Almakaleh. I am a full-time student at De Anza college and a full-time employee. I am striving to get a degree in Business Administration. I am a very independent person and like to keep things in control. I like to be optimistic and look at the world in a positive way which keeps me motivated and highly ambitious to reach success in every aspect of my life. I feel my role as a person is to possess a capacity in knowledge and capabilities to help make this world a better place to live.

My Experience with Wiki Educator

Currently, I'm taking a CIS 2 course with instructor Valerie Taylor who has introduced me to a new wiki world. Previously I used wiki just as a source of information, now I have my own page and had worked on my midtrem project which required me to post information on the wiki Educator page. here's the link.

I am definitely interesting in exploring more of wiki features and will be using it more often including using it for my final project. I'm sure this new experience will open up a new door for me to expand my knowledge capacity and elevate my academic level which will help me in the long run to reach my goals.

Final Project

Our final project is to work on Global Social Issues and Technology. We are ought to work collaboratively as a team. We are group 3 and there are five people in my group. We must research and collect information as well as provide factual examples in this regard. Our discussions and information will be on the following page