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Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada, 2007-2009

Stakeholder Engagement, Change Management & Community-Building (2007 - 2009)

Provided strategic direction, coaching, advice to project leader and community facilitators to achieve organization development, change management and performance objectives.

• Conducted Needs Assessment for rapidly=growing open source e-learning community o Applied a Community-of-Practice approach – to traditional project management for community engagement, collaboration, ownership, increased performance and ROI. o Integrated Participatory Action Learning – including a learning system ecology for meaningful involvement and mutual learning among stakeholders and communities. • Identified and analyzed Change / Transition issues - new governance structure; evolving business strategies; stakeholder-readiness, involvement and participation, buy-in and ownership in a complex, self-organizing wiki culture / ecosystem; project management; curricula and technology limitations. • Recommended Performance Interventions to address fear, loss and resistance to change; • Facilitated stakeholder engagement through pilot projects and networks of influence. o Strategy and real-time support to an Open Education Think Tank in New Zealand (Heywire8), leading to a national initiative. • Helped develop the WikiMaster Skills Certification Framework (Apprenticeship Model). o Designed, revised and facilitated Learning4Content wiki skills training (i.e., 5-day workshops for 100+ participants, 30+ countries), funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. o Coached, mentored and engaged new and advanced community users; monitored and assessed individual learning needs; developed learning strategies, and provided ongoing support.

Community Media & Governance (2008-2009)

Designed and facilitated scalable and sustainable international Communities-of-Practice/ Focus: Good Practices and Learning Materials and OERs. Reported to Ian Pringle & Tanyss Munro .

• Applied OD techniques to increase collaboration and performance effectiveness between large stakeholders (COL, UNESCO), regional partners/NGOs, and local/grassroots community media / radio. • Increased breadth/depth of individual and organization participation in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. • Provided workshop design and facilitation support-at-a-distance: • Governance Think Tank. Open and Distance Learning workshop in London, UK (July 2008), attended by World Bank, UN Development Program (UNDP), Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Foundation, and regional NGOs from developing countries. • Participatory Governance workshops using OD techniques in Stakeholder Engagement, Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning. Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands – Ministry of Education) • Organizational Development workshops for educational resource development in community media, in Jamaica, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Ghana. • Capacity Development workshop in Kenya for 99 women (33 NGOs) at Radio Mang'elete. Partners: ECONEWS Africa, COL, UNESCO and the Kenya Community Media Network; HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy & Community Media practitioners.