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Creating shareable links in Google Docs

In this guide, you will learn the steps required to share Google Docs with others, and also ensure the correct permissions / settings are enabled to "EDIT" and "COMMENT" on documents.

Google Docs: Set-Up

In this course, we will use Google Docs.

  • All papers MUST be submitted via Google Docs (shareable link), unless otherwise specified.
  • All students have a Google Drive account. (Your Scarlet Email is Google Mail (Gmail)
  • You can use Scarletmail or you own personal Gmail account for the class.
  • Students will be asked to give their preferred email address on a Google Sheet - and a link will be sent to access the Course Folder
  • Students can create a document in Google Drive directly OR upload a Microsoft Word (*.doc / *.docx) to Google Drive.

Google Docs: Naming Convention

  • Documents MUST be named this way: FIRST NAME, FIRST LETTER OF LAST NAME Assignment Name. (For example, RANDYF Resume and Cover Letter).
  • Assignment names include: Resume and Cover Letter; Midterm Paper; Oral Presentation; Final Paper

Google Docs: Sharing with Your Instructor

  • Sharing in Google always involves using a URL / hyperlink. The file stays in the owner's (student's) Drive.
  • Student 'shares' his / her files with the instructor with a shareable URL / hyperlink.
  • Student invites the instructor to Comment on the document by Selecting the file in Google Docs; Right-Clicking and Select Share.
  • A Dialogue box will appear with the following information: "Anyone with the link can view".
    • Change this to "ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN EDIT"
    • Under "PEOPLE" - type Instructor's Gmail Address randyfishercan AT
    • Be sure to click the pencil / drop down menu to: "CAN EDIT"
    • Then "ADD A NOTE" - (this can be Assignment Submitted).
    • Click "DONE".

Google Docs: How Commenting Works

  • Instructor does NOT change the originally submitted file to grade and comment. (It will be saved in a dedicated folder for future reference).
  • Instructor makes a copy of the student's file - and reviews and comments on the file.
  • Instructor emails student to notify him / her - via Google Docs - when comments are completed.
  • Student receives the email, and is then invited to comment.

Google Docs: How To Video (Sharing Links) & Help Files